Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 Get Ready to Take Your Life to The Next Level and Flourish


LOVE’S PATHWAY- A Three Month Coaching Journey 

to Self-Empowerment

Release your worries and doubts and prepare to live a life full of vitality, joy, and love. Unlock your inner radiance and creativity through my 3-month tailor-made program designed to empower you to take control of your life and future.
    • Discover how to become your own inner guide and gain the ability to be the master of your own destiny
    • Uncover and release what holds you from moving forward so you can learn how to make empowering choices
    • Learn to walk in life with confidence while maintaining states of peace that deepens your acceptance of self and others

    -    Does your life lack direction and clarity?
    -    Do you spend most of the day feeling overwhelmed and shutdown?
    -    Are you unsure about what fears are holding you hostage?
    -    Can you imagine being able to attain your dreams and overcome your doubts?
    -    Are you ready to discover the wealth of inner-peace and happiness that lives inside you?


    Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud  

    “And the day came when the risk to
     remain tight in a bud was more painful 
    than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Ana├»s Nin

     Hi! I’m Lynda, a life coach with over 13 years of professional practice in helping people like you move forward with their goals and attain the life they deserve. In my experience many people strive to stay committed to their personal growth and stay connected to their own potential, but fail to keep that connection going due to their busy lifestyles and work schedules.

    With my 3-month program I overcome this problem by acting as your personal mentor and will be on hand to give you the full attention and guiding support you need to keep you on track. I believe that a good mentor provides a safe and reliable space for the releasing of old habits, practical tools to awaken new awareness in order to create new beliefs that support lasting change while having the Unconditional Love and Care from your personal guardian during your transformational journey.

    You deserve to put your life on the road to inner peace and happiness and I would be honored to help you make that journey though my Love’s Pathway program.” 



    - Eight 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions (virtual or in-person) to guide you on your journey
    - A Powerful Lesson Guidebook with Life-Changing Techniques and Assignments
    - Personalized Homework to Reinforce your Knowledge and Enhance Practice
    - Two 15-minute SOS Calls and/or Emails for when you need immediate support
    - A Morning Meditation Video to Help you Start your Day in the Right Frame of Mind

    • You are ready to commit to yourself and your spiritual journey
    • You are ready to know you are enough, deserving and to be grounded in your worth
    • You want one-on-one attention to your spiritual process and feel the potency and value that a mentor provides
    • You are ready to learn how to access a deeper connection to yourself, others and feel more balance and joy in your life
    • You are ready to be seen, heard and understood completely and make a difference in your life


    Through this program you will achieve breakthroughs from recreating situations that have kept you stuck and made you unhappy in the past. Each week you will be given techniques and assignments that will build up your recognition of the fear blockages which prevent your life from moving forward. In doing so you will learn strategies to overcome whatever problems life throws at you in the future. Ultimately Love’s Pathway offers you the chance to reassert ownership of your life by activating your awareness and confidence that will enhance your self-worth and help you attain a sense of joy and serenity that you never thought possible.

    If any of this resonates and you and you think that Love’s Pathway might be the kind of program to benefit your life, then feel free to contact me to schedule your free 30 minute no obligation consultation to see if this life-changing course is for you. You really have nothing to lose and just a life-changing experience to gain!

    I hope that you can take the opportunity to commit yourself to create the positive results you know are possible in your life. Contact me for your free consultation at ISayYestoLove@gmail.com
    or 818.458.6815.

    With Love, 
    Life Coach and Founder of Love’s Pathway

    LyndaMcCloskey.com  | ISayYestoLove.com | 818.458.6815 | Lynda@EssenceOfYouSoulCoaching.com 

    There is a place within us all that yearns to be seen, felt, understood and held in the Presence of Love.  This is the place where I stand and offer my heart to you.  ~*~  


    “Lynda is a true healer; she has a powerful ability to listen, perceive, intuit all while staying connected and grounded.  Magical!  I've seen Lynda for several private sessions; and eventually took a SOUL COACHING series of private sessions with her that were focused, enlightening, empowering and gave me tools to take into my daily and spiritual life. I HIGHLY recommend!”
    L.A. – Los Angeles

    "Lynda helped me find walls around my heart that I didn't even realize I had built.  It was a profound awakening that changed my life forever." –S.L. ~ Los Angeles

    “Lynda has been my Life Coach for several months now. During this period of our journey together a lot happened in my life and Lynda's support has affected my life in profound ways.

    As a life coach Lynda is an excellent listener. She listens and reflects back what she heard both on the verbal and emotional levels. She has an ability to sense where I'm at emotionally and mentally, even from 1400 miles away. She listened intently, and reflected patiently to help me recognize patterns and sort through confusion. One of the biggest areas of learning for me is how Lynda models compassion and nurturing. She taught me how to be soft and compassionate with all parts of myself, even the ones I don't like. These days I find myself much more compassionate towards myself as well as towards others.

    In our sessions I find myself feeling relaxed and safe even when I go deeper and become more vulnerable; and although I am usually very protective of myself for fear of being judged, up until now I've never felt judged in our coaching sessions. On the contrary, I have been growing and making huge progress in integrating the different parts of myself. Also, Lynda's gentle encouragement and homework has played a helpful role in my progress. My inner integration manifests itself in my life and every day behavior. I find myself focused at work and more present in my relationship with my husband.

    With Lynda I can pose new questions and explore new possibilities. She has a gentle way to remind me to stay with what emotions come up and not move on, or dismiss too quickly. She taught me to "allow" and to "make room" for my emotions, something with which I have struggled a lot in my life.
    I am glad that I have the opportunity to have a life coach who is as effective and supportive as Lynda is, I feel fortunate that she is helping me grow and heal myself. Since our work started, I changed my behavior in many positive ways.  Thank you universe for Lynda.”  :O)
    M.C. - Washington State