About Me

Lynda has been sought after for counsel as far back as she can remember.  Joyfully she has answered this calling and has been supporting women professionally for over 13 years.   Her compassionate approach to life-coaching creates space where women feel safe and accepted exactly as they are.  Her work helps women return to love no matter what the situation or circumstance they are experiencing.  This is the foundation of her offering:  the remembrance to return to love.  She has seen for herself and others that when we are in alignment with our truth, core values and our worth, we discover that there is really nothing for us “to do”; instead we simply know that Love IS, Inner Peace IS, Self-Worth IS.  From this place of non-doing, our inner radiance shines and attracts what we truly desire, because we are already that within ourselves.  Lynda’s passion is supporting the awakening of women so that they can embody their worth and live the life they truly desire and to express and experience true love.

My Story


As I share my story I am also aware that it is not just “my story.”  I know in one way or another, it’s every woman’s story.  There is a beauty and a sorrow in knowing that as women we all have experienced some form of elemental unworthiness.  Our sorrow touches all the ways we have not respected ourselves and the ways our various cultures have not honored our wisdom. The beauty is that we are waking up to who we really are as women and our collective voices have the potential to heal our planet and each other.  The beauty as well as the sorrow is what ignited me on my own spiritual journey and my mission to support women to further reawaken to their self-worth and self-love.  


As a child and young adult, I had very little self esteem or confidence and I had no clue of my own worth as a woman.  


As you can imagine, that was an extremely painful way to live.  I was constantly seeking outside approval to know my worth, but the basic truth is, I didn’t know who I was or even know what I wanted because I was desperately looking for something outside of myself to be the solution to the void that lived within me. This void, I realized, could only be filled by me. When I knew how to fill it, my world changed. 


I was done with unconsciously abandoning myself and done with valuing myself based on outside approval.  I knew there had to be another way than to be in constant fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH or BEING TOO MUCH.  Sound familiar?   When I began to touch this void within me, I felt peace, I began to truly love myself, and I learned slowly but steadily to respect and value who I am.  


I turned all this unworthiness and fear into the keys to my Queendom! 


I began to dive deep into varies teachings. And now with 20 plus years on this journey I am so blessed to feel so much love in my life and the liberated YES in my being for all that I have broken free from. I now have a stronger foundation in my worth where I am able to stay grounded in myself and present with my needs. I respond from love more often than from fear. I also understand this journey of Love is a lifelong unfolding that I am completely in devotion to. 


There is nothing more empowering and fulfilling when we follow the path of love and live in the Yes to truly Love ourselves.


This program is a culmination of 20 years of experiences, filled with powerful awareness practices and tools that will help you learn to love and trust yourself, be in tuned with your own innate wisdom, be more confidant and empowered by your love for yourself. I know that you can get clear and release what keeps you from living in your fullness. I would love to support you to achieve this rightful place of being. 

Contact me for your free consultation at Lynda@EssenceOfYouSoulCoaching.com or call me at 818.458.6815. I look forward to hearing from you. 


I am truly blessed and honored to be supporting women all around the world to know their beauty, worth and the power of love. 

With love as love,